Club History

The West Coast Auto Group Football Club traces it's history back to the mid 1960's with Pitt Meadows Soccer Club, the Alouette Soccer Club (Pitt Meadows border to 224th), Golden Ears Soccer Club (224th to 248th) and the East Ridge Soccer Club (248th to Mission border). These 4 clubs formed the Ridge Meadows Soccer Association which operated as an independent entity, unaffiliated with BC Soccer.

In the late 1960's this group was joined by a 5th club, the River Road Soccer Club which was a splinter group of disgruntled members from the Ridge Meadows Soccer Association but played in BC Soccer's, Westminster District.

The clubs continued to operate in this model until the 1978-79 season when the Golden Ears and East Ridge Soccer Clubs merged to become the Maple Ridge Soccer Club. It was at this time that the three remaining clubs joined the Westminster District and started interlocking with River Road and clubs in the Tri-ciites areas. Prior to the move to Westminster District, the Maple Ridge Soccer Association environment was challenging because from U13 and up, players rarely changed from year to year and there were too few teams at each calibre to separate into competitive groups. As a result, the same teams would dominate the local scene year after year

Three years after the move to Westminster District, the Alouette and Maple Ridge Soccer Clubs amalgamated, remaining as the Maple Ridge Soccer Club and reducing the number of local clubs to three.

Two short years later, the three local clubs were reduced to two with the merging of the Maple Ridge Soccer Club and long time rival, River Road Soccer Club under the reclaimed banner of the Golden Ears United Soccer Club. Golden Ears United and Pitt Meadows were the only two remaining clubs.

The 2012-13 play season marked the birth of the WCAGFC and the first season in a unified soccer development program to provide local players at all levels of play the best opportunity to reach their potential.