Field Conditions - NOTES


Updated April 19

All fields are open under user discretion

-Check back often when the weather is bad
-Last Team is responsible for putting all field equipment away, if there is no team warming up after you please put all equipment away
- Goals on all Turf fields must be locked after use

As per the field closure policy "User Discretion" means that a coach or club official must walk the field and determine that there is no evidence of standing water, ponding, freezing, snow, frost or soft mud areas on the field, before a field can be considered suitable for play".
Your diligence in this area is important to ensure that play during these conditions is not detrimental to the balance of the season.
Thank you all for your cooperation keeping community sport fields in good condition. The referee will have the final say if the decision is to be made at game time.

Canada Soccer Association Lightning/Severe Weather Policy
BCSA Air Quality Guideline

Primary Fields & Facilities Status
Edith McDermott Grass Games Open
Karina Leblanc Turf Games Open
Merkley Grass Grass Games/Practices Open
Pitt Meadows Secondary Synthetic Games / Practices Open
Samuel Robertson Technical Synthetic Games / Practices Open
Westview Secondary School Synthetic Games / Practices Open


...check this page often. This report can change hourly in wet or freezing conditions on Game Day. your opposing coach to confirm your game.

...Coaches are NOT to cancel games; it is the Field Inspectors before games and REF decision at or during a game to cancel

...DO NOT allow players to dig their cleats into the natural playing surface.

...warm goalies and teams up outside the 6 yard boxes.

...keep spectators away from the sidelines and out of areas marked with double red lines in between fields.

Lower Mainland Fields

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BC Soccer Central
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