Lost & Found Process

There are large Lost and Found bins located at Pitt Meadows Athletic (in the roll up), Pitt Turf (in the big grey box), Westview, Albion (in coaches room), and SRT (in big blue box). When you find an item please pass it along to your team coach and ask that it be placed in the bin, and then email a description of the item to

If you have lost an item please check the bins located at the location you think you lost it at. If you don't see your item here then email a description of the item to the webmaster.

In the event that an item is found that is of substantial value, please hold on to it and email the webmaster. You will be contacted so that we can arrange to take possession of the item. If you find an item at a field other than where the bins are located, please arrange to have the item dropped off to the nearest bin.

** Please do not place wet items in the bins **

An honor system when claiming found items at the various field locations is much appreciated.

LOST Items

Contact us if you have FOUND one of the items listed below.

Region Field Date Item Description
Albion Sports Complex Apr 23/18 Ladies wedding ring
Mar 20/18 Pink girls winter jacket. Left by the fence after the last day of the Jamboree.
Westview Turf - -
WEST Harris Rd Park Sep 8/18 Black fob with 3 silver buttons and one silver large clip.
Pitt Turf (PMSS) - -
Pitt Athletic (PMAP) - -
Edith McDermott - -
Unknown - -


Contact us if an item belongs to you or if you have FOUND something you would like posted here.