Lost & Found Process

What to do if you have lost something while at one of our soccer locations:

If you left something behind after a home game, check the game schedule to see which teams followed you at the field. It's possible they will have picked up your item. If you lost something after a practice, check the Practice Field Schedules located on the Game and Practice Schedules page. Then view the WCFC Team Contacts and send them an email.

If that fails then you could email Provide a description of the item, the date it was lost, where you think you lost it, and your contact information and we will post it on this page.

** Posts will remain visible on the club website until the end of the current soccer season **

If you've found something, please email and we will post it on this page.

LOST Items

Contact us if you have FOUND one of the items listed below.

Region Field Date Item Description
EAST SRT Oct 1/18 Blue kleen kanteen bottle left after 7pm practice
Albion Sports Complex - -
Karina LeBlanc
Jan 29/19 Blue Helly Hanson winter jacket left on covered bench.
Sep 29/18 iPhone left after 5:15 U14 Albion vs. WCFC game.
Westview Turf Nov 8/18 Navy backpack with clothes, Adidas runners, soccer ball and water bottle. Found on the North West corner of the field at 8pm.
WEST Harris Rd Park Sep 8/18 Black fob with 3 silver buttons and one silver large clip.
Sep 29/18 Incredibles water bottle by Field #1
Pitt Turf (PMSS) - -
Pitt Athletic (PMAP) - -
Edith McDermott - -
Unknown Dec 5/18 Blue Barcelona pullover hoodie
Sept 12/18 TimBits uniform left behind at Pitt Meadows Ice Rinks.


Contact us if an item belongs to you or if you have FOUND something you would like posted here.

Region Field Date Item Description
WEST Edith McDermott
Sep 30/18 Set of keys found in parking lot. Keys include Jeep brand key with fob and a few other keys.