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If you are currently a SSG referee, but will not yet be old enough to take the next level of training by the fall, then we certainly hope you will continue to referee. You need to complete a registration process online with BCSA. There is NO cost. You have likely already received a reminder from BCSA to do this.

This registration can be found online at:

If you are currently a SSG referee and will be 14 years old by August 25, you may be interested in upgrading your skills by taking the Entry Level Referee Clinic (information below). If you are not yet interested in upgrading, but wish to continue to referee, then please complete the annual, NO cost registration process.

This registration can be found online at:

If you are currently a Youth or District referee, or higher, (having completed the Entry Level clinic), you will have likely already received a reminder about your annual registration.

There have been numerous changes, and there may be some lingering confusion.

If you were registered for the 2016-17 season, and attended a Refresher clinic before Mar 31, 2017, BCSA has already paid your 2017-18 fees and registered you.

HOWEVER, you MUST attend and pay for a Refresher clinic this fall. The annual fee for this is $60 (plus $4.25 user fee).

Attendance at a Refresher clinic is a yearly requirement.
Registration for Refresher clinics is done through your refcentre account.
SSG referees do NOT attend refresher clinics.

Further information can be found online at:

If you have any issues or questions regarding the online annual registration process or signing up for a clinic, please contact Lynda Mulder at BCSA: 604-299-6401 ext. 1416


Entry Level Referee Clinic
The Entry Level Referee Clinic is the entry point into 11 a-side soccer. Once an individual is successful in passing this clinic they will be classified as a Youth Referee (if they are 14 or 15 years old) or a District Referee (if they are 16 years old or older).

The goal of this three day clinic is to ensure that individuals who pass are capable to be either a Referee or an Assistant Referee in 11 a-side soccer. This is done with experienced referee instructors who use video educational material and practical on field sessions. The topics covered include, but are not limited to the Laws of the Game, Positioning, Signals, Administration of the game, and Pre-Match Preparation & Match Reporting. Successful individuals have their first year's registration free.

Pre-requisite: Minimum 14 Years old by the day of the clinic
Clinic Length: 17 hours
Clinic Details:

  • Friday, August 25 6pm - 9pm
  • Saturday, August 26 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Sunday, August 27 8:30am - 2:00pm

Location: Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall

Clinic Fee: $125.00 (plus a $4.25 user fee / system processing fee)

This registration can be found online at:

Referee Refresher Clinic
The Canadian Soccer Association and the British Columbia Soccer Association requires all referees to attend a Referee Refresher Clinic annually and register with the BC Soccer office in order to maintain their active status.

Referee Refresher Clinics are designed to update all Registered Referees in British Columbia with any Laws of the Game changes and interpretations. The clinic content of the refresher is developed by the Referee Education Program and launched in August of each year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please wear suitable clothing to participate in on-field activity; there will be a Fitness test at all Refresher Clinics.

Pre-requisite: Must currently be a BC Soccer Registered Official (NOT SSG referees)
Clinic Length: 3 hours.

Clinic details: Thursday, September 7 6:30 - 9:30
Location: Pitt Meadows Secondary School

OR (choose 1 of these)

Clinic details: Tuesday, September 12 6:30 - 9:30
Location: Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary School

Clinic Fee: $64.25

Registration must be done through your refcentre account at:


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Mini Rules for U08-U10
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Laws Of The Game - located in the Forms and Documents page

Referee Fees
Division Center Assistant
U7 $10.00
U8 $12.50
U9 $15.00
U10 $15.00
U11 $25.00
U12 $25.00
U13 $35.00 $17.50
U13 MSL $45.00 $22.50
U14 $35.00 $17.50
U14 MSL $45.00 $22.50
U15 $40.00 $20.00
U15 MSL $50.00 $25.00
U16 $45.00 $22.50
U16 MSL $50.00 $25.00
U17 $45.00 $22.50
U18 $45.00 $22.50
U18 MSL $60.00 $30.00