Fall 2018 - 2019

The WEST COAST AUTO GROUP FC is proud to support the following women's teams for the FALL 2018/2019 season

All players are required to confirm a spot on a team before registering. Please see the list of team contacts below:

Coyote Uglies Tammy Gossen
Elite Grant Murray
Heat Sherri Fort
Jags Sharon Leeburn
Posse Susan Carr
Prestige Shelby Beaulieu
Shock Pam Galer
Sporting Don MacSorley
Wildcats Chelsea Kidd
Div 4 Pathway Team Andre Williams

If you did not receive these instructions please email

All teams supported by the WCAGFC play within the Metro Women's Soccer League schedule. To learn more about the league visit

All players must register and pay in full the club fee on the club site as the first step of the registration process.

Players will also be required to register on the Metro Women's Soccer league site and pay for thier card once the league opens the site. You will be sent an email when this is open.

NO players are permitted to play without being registered and paid in full on both the club and league sites.

Adult women fall reg is now OPEN - to register, please log into your Member Account once you have been confirmed a spot on a team.

Coaches, Assistants & Managers - please register online as well.

Fall 2018 - Women's League

How Does the Women's Adult Program Work?

Once a player has finished playing youth soccer in U18 the opportunity to continue playing in the adult league exists in a pathway that offers multiple levels of skills in the various teams that the club supports.

The WCAGFC club supports 10 women's teams that play in various divisions within the Metro Women' s Soccer League (MWSL):

Heat Classics Div. 2
Posse Classics Div. 4
Coyote Uglies Classics Div. 3
Shock Div. 1
Sporting Div. 1
Elite Div. 3
Prestige Div. 3
Jags Div. 4
Pathway Div. 4
Wildcats Div. 5

The Metro Women's Soccer League (MWSL) is the biggest league in the Province comprising of over 218 teams. The league offers Premier, Selects, Div. 1 -5, U21 and Classics (over 30). Higher skill levels can be found in the higher Divisions where medium or beginning skill levels are within the middle to lower divisions. Example: Div. 5 would be more suited to lower or emerging skill levels.

The WCAGFC has one of the largest contingents of women's teams playing in the MWSL in the lower mainland area.

Players register for fall teams in July/August. Players wishing to play on a WCAGFC club team must contact the Women's Rep who will connect with a team who has space.

Players are required to register and pay the club fee on the club site and then register and pay their card fee on the league site before eligible to play on a team. Youth player cards are not accepted in the adult league.

The fall season runs from September to March. Games are Sundays with some Friday night exceptions depending on the field time allotted to the team. Practises are mid week 8 or 9pm depending on the field time allotted to the team.

For more information please contact Susan Carr, Women's Rep at

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.