West Coast Auto Group Football Club - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)?

WCAGFC follows the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) program as set out by the Canadian Soccer Association: as defined by their website: LTPD is a program for soccer development, training, competition and recovery based on biological age (physical maturity) rather than chronological age. It is player-centered; coach-driven and supported by administration, sport science and sponsors alike.

What is Wellness to World Cup?

Wellness to World Cup program focuses on player development of all abilities and has less emphasis on team development. From Canada Soccer website: Player-centered means we respect the developmental needs of our players first and foremost. We ensure that our young players have fun while they learn so they want to continue playing. It also means we provide challenging opportunities for special talents so they can develop their abilities and pursue excellence. All of these needs are addressed in the seven stages of LTPD.

Who runs our club?

A volunteer board oversees WCAGFC with the assistance of some paid staff and many, many other volunteers. Over the years volunteers have been harder and harder to come by. The addition of some paid staff has been necessary to provide consistent programming to membership.

Why has the focus changed from games to practice for U12 and down?

From Canada Soccer website entitled Competition in the early stages of LTPD: "When coaches in children's leagues chase trophies and titles, and when parents criticize and pressure their children, poor player development is the most frequent result. Coaches tend to play only their strongest players, leave their "weak" players on the bench, specialize players in positions prematurely, use game tactics aimed solely at guaranteeing a win (e.g. kicking the ball down the field, not trying to create controlled buildup), and promoting a general attitude of "don't take chances - don't experiment with your skills or decisions - just play safe by kicking the ball far and away." The purpose of games from U12 and down is about players taking the skills they learned in practice and applying them in a game situation.

Is Academy mandatory?


Is there a play up program?

We do offer play up opportunities for a player that has individually shown exceptional abilities. The player must demonstrate that they have the technical and physical skills and social maturity and character to excel at an advanced age group. This follows the guidelines set out by BC Soccer in Appendix B:

Where Do My Registration Fees Go?

Your fees pay for:

  1. Insurance (BC Soccer)
  2. Parks and Leisure field charges
  3. Player Uniforms
  4. Team Equipment (balls, cones, and nets)
  5. Field preparation (lining)
  6. General Club operating costs (accounting, advertising, printing etc.)
  7. Referees
  8. Staff

The club incurs all of these fees rain or shine except #7 and #8

How can being a board member also be a conflict of interest?

Article 14 of BC Soccer's Constitution and Bylaws clearly spells out what a board member can and cannot do.

For instance, the President of our club or any board member can't make club decisions without the consent of the board under Article 14 3) A director of the Association shall not permit his/her own interest to conflict in any way with his/her fiduciary responsibilities to the Association;

There are also restrictions on board members from using their position for profit unless the following condition is met:

ARTICLE 14 4) A Director of the Association shall not benefit directly or indirectly from any transaction with the Association, unless it is to clear advantage of the Association as determined by the Board of the Association;

WCAGFC has always and will always require that all board members strictly adhere to both the BC Soccer Association bylaws as well as the requirements of the BC Societies Act.

Why is the Micro program starting in August?

Over the last couple of years, we have had a lot of field closures due to poor weather conditions once winter begins. This year we are moving up our Micro program to an August start so we can avoid as much foul weather as possible. Other clubs in our area are abandoning the Fall/Winter season and instead have their micro programs running in July & August exclusively.

If my child is on a Super 8 (U11 & U12) Development team, do they have to play Spring League?

The club enters U11 and U12 Development Teams into Spring League each year. This is an important part of their preparation for the higher level of competition they will face in the regular season. That being said, we do support the Canadian Sport for Life model that says athletes have a better chance at future success in late specialization sports such as soccer if they have participated in a range of different sports and activities prior to their teen years ( We encourage our U11 and U12 Development Team coaches and parents to work together to accommodate participation in other activities while also participating in the Development Team program.