Mini U08-U10

MINI Development Program (Ages U08 - U10)


  • Help to master fundamental movement skills and develop basic soccer skills
  • Continue to develop understanding of basic soccer tactics
  • Further develop endurance through games and activities
  • Emphasize importance and purpose of training during this stage
  • Begin talent identification and development

WCAGFC MINI Development Program
The programs introduced at this stage are aimed to create structured training session that will enhance each player's individual skill development and introduce the principles of play in soccer. Training emphasizes mastery of the ball through repetition in a fun yet challenging environment.

Players are placed on teams and coached by professional staff coaches at weekly practices in collaboration with parent volunteer coaches. Parent coaches are responsible for coaching teams during weekend games.

Dedicated weeknight artificial turf practice times and locations have been set aside for these practices. During these dedicated practice times, staff coaches will be present to support coaches and players on field.

Practice Times:

U08 Boys Mondays 6-7 SRT or Tues 6-7 Karina LeBlanc (allocation will be completed by the club)

U09 Boys Mondays 7-8 SRT or Tues 6-7 Karina LeBlanc (allocation will be completed by the club)

U10 Boys Tuesdays 7-8 Karina LeBlanc

U08/U09 Girls Thursdays 5:30-6:30 Karina LeBlanc

U10 Girls Thursdays 6:30-7:30 Karina LeBlanc

Practice times and locations will be assigned by the club. Games will be on the weekends with boys playing on Saturdays and girls playing on Sundays. The season typically begins mid-September and finishes in late February/early March.


  • Paid in full by June 30 $235
  • After June 30 $260
  • players receive TimBits Club jersey and socks to keep as part of their registration fee
  • Program Breaks: Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas and New Year's holidays, Family Day

Note: WCAGFC reserves the right to adjust times and locations and combine or cancel sessions based on registration numbers, league schedules, field assignments from the city and/or weather conditions.

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2018-2019 Youth Soccer Fees
Div & Birth Year Early Bird Pricing AFTER June 30th
U04 (2015) 120 120
U05 (2014) 120 120
U06 (2013) 180 180
U07 (2012) 180 180
U08 (2011) 235 260
U09 (2010) 235 260
U10 (2009) 235 260
Div & Birth Year Early Bird Pricing AFTER March 31st
U11 (2008) 300 325
U12 (2007) 300 325
U13 (2006) 315 340
U14 (2005) 315 340
U15 (2004) 330 355
U16 (2003) 330 355
U17 (2002) 330 355
U18 (2001) 330 355
Super 8 (U11-U12) Developmental
U11/U12 (2008/2007) 520 520
U13 (2006) 610 610
U14 (2005) 610 610
U15 (2004) 610 610
U16 (2003) 610 610
U17 (2002) 610 610
U18 (2001) 610 610