2018 Assessments (formerly called Tryouts)

Assessments for all WCAGFC competitive teams will begin in February and we want to provide parents with some information about the assessment process.

Assessment Process

Assessments for all U11-U18 age groups may have one, two or three phases depending on the group.

Open Assessment means that all age eligible players are welcome to register and attend. Every age group/gender has an Open Assessment date so that every age eligible player in our club has an opportunity to be evaluated by the technical staff.

Jamboree Evaluations are part of the process for players who are currently U10 and trying out for next year's U11 teams. Technical staff members will be on site during the Mini Jamboree weekend to evaluate players in game situations.

Invitational and Final Evaluations are by invitation only. Invitations are issued by the technical staff.

The WCAGFC Technical Director along with the appropriate Age Group Head Coach attend all Assessments and form the base of the Evaluation Committee. Depending on the number of players registered for Assessments, there may be other individuals added to the Evaluation Committee. These additional individuals could include the coach of the team and other technical coaches.

Each member of the Evaluation Committee is required to submit an evaluation form that ranks each player. After the evaluation session, the Technical Director gathers the evaluation forms, checks for consistency and feedback from the Evaluation Committee and ensures that there is a consensus on the final roster selection. If consensus cannot be reached by the Evaluation Committee, the final decision on the roster rests with the Technical Director.

Feedback on performances of players are not offered and the evaluations submitted by the Evaluation Committee and their discussions about players are not made public.

Assessment Schedule

The schedule of Assessments can be found HERE.
The Assessment sessions have also be added into the WCAGFC Club calendar, which can be accessed on the Home Page of the Club website. Not all assessment dates/locations have been confirmed but will be updated as they are.

Assessment Registration

All interested players MUST register for Assessments. To register, please log into your Member Account.

Payment is NOT required, choose the pay by check option to complete your assessment registration.
Please register for the highest level of play that you are going to try out for by the evening before the Assessment date. For example, if the highest level you wish to try out for is Metro Selects then register for Metro Selects. If you are not successful at making the Metro Select team, club staff will automatically move your registration to the Div. 1 Assessment for your age group.
You do not have to register again. Any player thinking of trying out at an older age group must first get permission from our Technical Director. Please send an email to Neil Turner: to request your child to be assessed at the older age group.

If you are not successful in making any of the competitive level teams, club staff will automatically move your registration to our House program.

Competitive levels the require players to attend Assessment

U11 Development
U12 Development
U13-U18 Metro Select
U13-U18 Div. 1 (Previously Gold/Div. 1)
U13-U18 Div. 2 (Previously Silver/Div. 2)

Players interested in playing Div. 3 (Previously Div.3, Div. 4, Bronze, House) are not required to attend assessments.

Roster Notification

All players are evaluated by a team of coaches during each phase of the Assessment process. Once decisions are made, all Assessment participants are notified of their status by email and/or phone calls. This occurs within 10 days of the Assessment.

If you are offered a spot on a team, you will have 48 hours to confirm that you wish to have the spot. To confirm your spot, you must pay the full registration fee for that level/age group. If the registration fee is not paid within the timeline, coaches will remove you from the roster and select the next player in your place.

If you have any questions about Assessments, please contact Neil Turner:

If you are not interested in trying out, or are not yet at an age group where that is possible, registration for both spring soccer and fall house soccer is now open. Please visit our website for additional information about our Spring & Fall/Winter programs.